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Our vision is to be an icon in digital parking partner for our clients worldwide. A healthy competitive nature that leads to progress is our mantra and the key to survival in the growing global market.

Relationship With Clients

We at OPPR are aiming not only in success but also in building a healthy collaboration with our clients. It will directly be related to the online presence of the same. This innovative digital solution service to enable the growth and success with the client business is our goal. We aspire to be the world’s best Digital Parking Partner, through technology innovation and a world-class workforce. Our expert team will be always maintaining best relation with clients which is mandatory for any business to grow.

The Vehicle Owner needs to first install the app. Once you enter the mall or any other OPPR parking zone, the app will notify you of all necessary details. After the verification that takes barely a few seconds, the parking representative allows you to park your vehicle in the parking zone.

During the exit from the app needs to be used by entering the exit time and the rest of the details will be flashed on the app itself.