What is OPPR ?

OPPRSS comes up with an automated user friendly Android and Web based parking & security solution platform. It digitally deals with Visitor management, Vehicle Management and Apartment management. It makes parking experience easier and more secure at the same time prevent trespassing and also providing digital platform to apartment for managing maintenance and others related issues.
For Apartment/Parking Providers

OPPR application is an user friendly digital solution for your Parking and Apartment. Just by few clicks One can manage their vehicles, visitors, apartments from anywhere. It is useful for all kind of premises such as Malls, Offices, Schools, Hospitals and Residential Complexes.

For Users

OPPR User app is available in Google play store for free. It will take few minutes to register yourself as a user. Once you get registered then you will be able to add your vehicle, control your visitor's list, see availability of parking spaces, and add your documents.

Why OPPR ?

No Cost Installation

To maintain this app you don’t need any extra physical setup except one android. So, no extra hardware set up cost.

Easy To Setup

Just have to configure the area in your OPPR dashboard, it will take only 5 minutes and you're ready to go.

Save Time

Speedy payment process, the absence of collecting tickets, calculating and collecting money will save a lot of time.

Digitally Tracked

Forget about handwritten record or piece of paper at your parking. OPPR provides fully digital environment for both the end.

Increase Revenue

Real-time track of each vehicle, visitor and money transaction, lesser cash flow will automatically increase your revenue.

Manpower Utilization

We emphasize on working smarter, not harder, this will save a lot of time and also help to improve your manpower utilization.


An intercom system for use within a building to validate visitors and prevent trespassing.


Apartments, Offices, Parking Areas, Schools and Colleges are more secure with Parking Management, Vehicle Management and Visitor Management.

Happy Customer

Customer happiness is non-negotiable in business. Make your customer happy with hassle-free, easy, fast parking & security experience.

How it works

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